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BESTEK 8-Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip White with 5.2A 4 USB, ETL Listed

BESTEK 8-Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip White with 5.2A 4 USB, ETL Listed

Product code: MRJ1870KU

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Color: White

The power strip is designed with updated surge protected 8-outlet and can protect your device well. Additional 4 outlets allow you to charge more devices than ordinary ones and the long cord helps to reduce unnecessary clutter. It is more perfect for home and workstations.

8-Outlet Surge Protector

8 surge-protected outlets with updated performance can eliminate buzzing sound and provide premium protection for both home and professional workstations.

Functional Power Strip Converter

Power strip with 8-outlet and 4-port USB charging stations allows your 12 devices powering simultaneously. Two widely spaced AC outlets can accommodate larger power adapters, like over-sized printer and charger plugs, without blocking the other outlets. Especially when you are on travel, it will be the best travel adapter, very convenient and useful.

USB Power Strip

Built in 4 USB charging ports, ensures fast and efficient charging for up to 4 digital devices simultaneously, total 5.2A. Two widely spaced AC outlets accommodate large power adapters or charges without interfering with the adjacent outlets.

Surge Protector Power Strip Easy to Install and Use
Hanging slots allow you to hang it on the wall, rubber feet keep it from sliding around on the floor. Heavy-duty 6-foot long cord is useful for extended range without unnecessary clutter.

Power Strip with Safety Guard
The surge protector is built-in 15-amp circuit-breaker keep appliances safe, while Multi safety systems shield USB devices from short circuits, surges and more. Heavy duty fire-resistant material and high quality components. Built-in EMI noise reduction to protect all connected devices.

Package List

1 x 8-outlet power strip
1 x user manual

Outlet: 8 surge protected AC outlets
USB: 4 USB ports
Cord Length: 6ft
Input Voltage: 90V-265VAC
USB Output Power: DC 5V/4.2A (5.2A Max), two with 2.4A, one with 1A, the other with 0~2.4A
Dimensions: 10*3.8*1.4inch
Warranty: 18 months


Q: does this have the little holes on the back so you can hang it on the wall with screws?
A: Yes, it does. You can hang it in any direction (Horizontal and also vertical). 
Q: I am unable to plug anything into this. It looks like there's a covering under the plugs in that won't allow me to plug anything in. What do I do?
A: I just had the same problem. It is a safety cover to prevent small children from placing metal objects inside to avoid shock. It also prevents liquids from getting in. Give a firm push. You can also get wall outlet safely covers like these at the hardware store.
Q: Do the USB ports support fast or adaptive charging?
A: Fast charging, I can charge 4 power packs at 1 time 
Q: is it safe to plug my air conditioner into this?
A: It can handle 1875 watts, which is somewhere around 15000-18000 BTUs. If your air conditioner draws less power than this, then it is safe. If your a/c is rated at 15000 BTUs or more, I'd be careful and double check. 
Q: Can i plug into the usb connector to run my camera so i don't have to use batteries?
A: yes it has a high amp plug 
Q: What is the length of the unit without the cable?
A: 10"x4" 
Q: Does it have surge protection?
A: Yes it does 
Q: how many desktops can run together with this surge p,if each is about 400w ?
A: BESTEK 8-Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip could run 4 desktops together. It total can run the power of 1650W. 
Q: Does this have a switch so it can be turned off when not in use?
A: yes. 
Q: Can this handle 240v input to be used, via uk adapter, in uk to plug in 240v compliant us devices? will it pass-through 240v to each plug?
A: Yes, it can. 
Q: What is the cord gauge running from the body of the surge protector?
A: It uses 14-gauge power cord on this surge protector 


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