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300W Power Inverter
  • 300W Power Inverter
  • 300W Power Inverter
  • 300W Power Inverter
  • 300W Power Inverter
  • 300W Power Inverter

300W Power Inverter

Product Code: MRI3011BU
Product EAN Code: 6950334930037

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BESTEK 300W Power Inverter comes with compact design and a solid aluminium enclosure, it is a smart in-car power charger for vehicle travellers.
Provides power to keep most of modern electronics going through out your long journey. Works with major brand of notebooks, tablets PCs. The 2 USB charging ports work with video camcorders, digital cameras, iPod, iPad, PSP, DVD players and smart phones like iPhones, Samsungs, Nokia, Blackberry, HTC etc.300W DC to AC Power Inverter
A must-have for your road trips, vacations, outdoors, emergency kits and more.
Enjoy 3.1A 2 USB ports and 1 standard plug outlets for convenient charging on the road.

Product Specification:
Rated Power: 300W, 350W Max, 700W Peak
Input Voltage: 12V DC, Output Voltage: 230V
USB Port Output : DC 5V, 3.1A (Rated Current) 
Indicator: Dual color LED (Green-Operation, Red-Shutdown) 
Over Voltage Shutdown: DC 15V-16V, Low Voltage Shutdown: DC 10V-11V 
Fuse: Built in 40A fuse
Cord Length: Approximate 27inch/70CM

Optimal Use and Precautions:
Please use battery clips when using inverter on device over 150W 
For DC12V and Car ONLY, not applied for DC 24V and airplane use.
Please do not leave the power inverter in the ON position while your car is off.
The cooling fan remains on continuously. This means you'll only be able to use it in situations where the car is running.
Avoid placing the inverter into sunlight directly or next to heat-sensitive materials to protect inverter from getting too warm.
Please understand device wattage usage Caution! Do not use high power electric devices such as hair dryers, electric heaters, curling irons, etc.

Good to know:
With 18 Months Warranty and Friendly, Easy-to-Reach Support.