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On January 5, 2017, the world’s most fabulous tech electronic show - CES, was successfully unveiled in Las Vegas. The grand CES brought together all the technological titans and scrappy startups around the world, along with their latest tech items which commonly became the early markers of world’s tech industry. BESTEK also participated in this spectacular tech event.

  On January 5, 2017, the world’s most fabulous tech electronic show - CES, was successfully unveiled in Las Vegas. The grand CES brought together all the technological titans and scrappy startups around the world, along with their latest tech items which commonly became the early markers of world’s tech industry. BESTEK also participated in this spectacular tech event.
What is CES?
CES, formally known as the Consumer Electronics Show, is the world’s biggest annual tech trade show organized by the Consumer Technology Association every January. The first CES debuted in June 1967 in New York City and had 17,500 attendees and over 100 exhibitors to have showed the latest pocket radios and TVs sporting integrated circuits.
CES is referred to be the premier tech platform provided for the technology giants and ambitious entrepreneurs to show off their amazing products which are poured their efforts and skills all the year. From 1967 to the year of 2017, CES witnessed the growth of world’s technology and successively embraced the newest technology and high tech products.
In a word, CES is the early marker of the most advanced tech in the world.


It is honored that BESTECK was invited to take part in 2017 CES and showed its newest technology and latest tech products to the world.
BESTEK Booth NO:35164, South Hall 4,LVCC CES Show in Las Vegas
BESTEK products exhibition area

BESTEK always attaches much importance to talents and respect every R&D achievement. The progress and accomplishment of BESTEK today can’t do without efforts of BESTEK staff and workers.

BESTEK never stops in the way of studying and improving. Hardwork pays off. In the last few years,  BESTEK ranked top as for the sales and revenue based on the data of Amazon and has successfully edged itself into the leading electronic e-commercial enterprises. In this CES event, BESTEK’s products and technology had been thought highly of by commercial giants from home and abroad.
This is Chinese famous intelligent electronic company, Xiaomi. BESTEK booth stood in Xiaomi’s opposite.
Beside BESTEK is Belkin, the leading global electronic products manufacturers.

From 2007 to 2016, BESTEK has adhered to the principle of “Making Life Easier, Cozier and Funnier” and focused on the R&D, design and manufacture of electronics, electronic appliances and other items that can brings convenience to people. 2017 CES provided an opportunity for BESTEK to spread its creation concept and show its best tech gadgets to the world. No matter peer companies, or common consumers, all thought highly of BESTEK products and technology.
walmart & Petra
Walmmart & Petra (the vice president)
Bestbuy?Johnny ?Jerry
Jonny & Jarry from Bestbuy
Friends from LCT gave BESTEK products their thumbs up.
Amazon wholesaler is consulting BESTEK products.

As Chinese first F2C (Factory to Consumer) Cross-Border E-commerce Chain Enterprise in China with its creative business model and Internet thinking, what BESTEK does is of concern to the public.
An American news agency was interviewing BESTEK.
BESTEK was being interviewed by Charming China
Mr He, the director of BESTEK, was being interviewed by Xinhua News Agency.
The group photo of BESTEK team and Xinhua News Agency.

The BESTEK Exhibition
BESTEK has designed and manufactured multiple types of products and is glad to get everybody’s approval of its high quality and unique style. From car electronic kits, home electronic appliances, to power chargers, adapters and other functional indoor & outdoor items, BESTEK has designed and developed all sorts of products that really have done something to make life easier and happier. In 2017 CES, BESTEK brought some newly launched items and customer beloved products. Many people who saw BESTEK products there took the initiative to make videos of introducing and praising BESTEK products. Thanks for their supports!

In this video, a friend from America was deeply impressed by one of BESTEK coffee cup-shaped power inverter and couldn’t restrain his excitement, keeping to say”It’s so cool!”.
BESTEK power inverter had great influence on global car electronic kits. BESTEK successively designed and manufactured varieties of power inverters with different rated power from 75W to 2000W to fit for different cars.
The coffee cup-shaped inverter is not only equipped with high performance with other BESTEK power inverters, but stands out due to its special outlook. This 200W power inverter with 2 AC outlets and 2 dual USB ports can provide 200 watts contenuous DC to AC power and 400 watts of peak power, and allowing you to charge up to 4 devices simultaneously without blocking each other at the fastest speed. Built-in fuse and multiple protections, your devices can be well protected from overcurrent, overload, overvoltage and short-circuit.

This is our newest launched item - LUMAELITE - an LED desk lamp.
LUMAELITE is made of full metal material with fine craftmanship. In view of the global market, most desk lamps are made of plastic and metal, no full metal ones. Other highlights of LUMAELITE are as follows:

  1. The same Apple material (aircraft grade aluminum ) , same Apple technology (Computer Numerical Control ), and same design concept (CMF).

  2. 4 lighting modes (studying/reading/relaxing/sleeping) and 4 brightness levels (25%?50%?75% and 100%), suitable for different occasions.

  3. Detachable head torch. The light head can be removed and used as a flashlight or headlight lonely. Desk lamp + head light, this is a unique design ideal that has been shocked by BESTEK old and new customers.

  4. Adjustable and rotatable. The angle, length and handle of the desk lamp can be adjusted as you like to meet your any requirement.

  5. USB and Type-C ports have been designed and put in the right - electronics tend to be put in the right side of the desk lamp

(more information can be checked in the Indiegogo)

Other BESTEK creative products like power strips, multi port power charger, power adapter, etc.
Multi port power charger

A foreign likes BESTEK power strip very much.

This cool man is expressing his love for BESTEK power converter.

4 themes of 2017 CES 
2017 CES in Las Vegas attracted 3800+ exhibitors and 165,000 attendees converging together. There are 4 main themes of CES this year.
1. Self-driving Cars
Looking back to the CES of the last few years, the car tech seems to be the external theme for automakers to communicate with electronic cars, autonomous vehicles and other new car technologies. Different from previous CES events, intelligent vehicle and self-driving cars became the mainstream this time since that the Artificial Intelligence was the hottest topic in 2016.

  1. Augmented Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality technology swept the world this two years. In face Oculus launched the Crystal Cove VR in CES 2014 and grabbed a lot of attention. Since then, different VR products crops up, including HTC Vive, Sonny Play Station, Samsung Gear, etc. In 2017 CES, Virtual Reality was also closely watched as expected. More than 25 companies showed drone technologies. The CES drones had obviously improved compared with previous ones.

  1. Robotics

In this tech event, there were a large number of personal robot, transportation equipment and drones, such as the vacuum cleaner robot, the coffee machine robot, mini robots and hoverboards.

  1. The Wearable

In the last three CES events, the wearable devices were the buzz centered, and broke out this year mainly in two developments, the migration beyond the wrist and the services surrounding them.

Hope for The Future
CES ?????
CES creative message wall

In the CES message board, all the participants left their name or best wishes. CES is not only a platform for all walks of tech elites, but a melting pot for them to exchange their latest technologies, Human never comes to a halt in the developing of science and technologies. Under the friendly communication of advanced technologies in the world, human beings will gain a sustainable development and make endless miracles.
Hope for the next fabulous CES tech event.

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